Stillwater Dry Fly Fishing

Martin is known throughout the country for his skill as a Stillwater dry fly angler. He was at the forefront of much of the development in this branch of the sport. If you have struggled to catch the trout when they are rising all around you, or if you want to experience the thrill of casting and catching fish that are visible, then why not book a day afloat at Chew Valley with Martin.

  • A full explanation of the technique involved.
  • The tackle required for this style of fishing will be provided if required.
  • Martin himself ties all the flies, and clients will be free to use them during the session, and may purchase more from Martin if required.
  • Leader construction is explained clearly.
  • Casting techniques (which are quite different from nymph fishing) are explained and demonstrated in detail.
  • On full day trips, a full cooked meal is provided with wine or beer to accompany.

The Stillwater dry fly trips are Martin’s most heavily booked. Casting technique for fishing dry fly is so different from any other form of casting that Martin may have to re-teach your casting skills. The flies used are available for clients to buy, though the supply of them may take a few days.. Full day or half-day packages can be provided. Martin is available to run instructional talks throughout the winter; he regularly visits Fly Dressers’ Guild or Fly Fishing Club meetings to share his knowledge.

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