Half-day packages

For the angler starting their ‘career’ in fly-fishing, the half-day trip is often the one that I recommend, especially if it can be timed to coincide with a good evening rise on the river or lake.

Instruction provided into the following:

  • Casting where necessary
  • Selection of artificial flies
  • The right balance of tackle
  • Leader length and construction
  • Where to fish the river/lake
  • How to spot a rising fish
  • How much ‘lead’ to give the fly (how far in front of the rising fish one should cast
  • Playing and netting the fish

Usually the half-day trips are conducted during the week as many fisheries have more pressure on them at weekends, and a light snack (usually cooked meats and bread and cheese from the local butcher) along with wine will be supplied. As with all other packages, I generally email photographs of any ‘action’ that my client has had.

Test picAn evening in May on Chew Valley Lake, with trout sipping at the surface flies, the sun setting over the Mendips, and swifts taking their last few flies before ascending into the skies, is the essence of trout fishing.

A highly recommended trip!

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